What If Medium Did A Reader’s Challenge ?…

3 min readNov 14, 2021

We have good writers on this platform to the point we’re thinking about what to write about next.

As a writer, we’re constantly trying to come up with new ideas for an article that would grab the attention of so many. Some writers are so wrapped up in their busy day-to-day lives that they find themselves writing more than they read.

So how about if Medium decided to challenge more writers to read instead of writing? Then they would collect a bonus at the end of the month for reading articles. I think this will not only benefit writers, but people who genuinely love to read. The platform Vocal pays its members for 1000 articles read. Vocal also has a lot of challenges which will inspire writers to achieve more and craft their writing.

So I’m not going to lie, it’s challenging for me to read all these amazing articles. I save stories into my reading list, then I end up forgetting to read them. Writers are good at coming up with what to write about, but are we good at deciding on when and what to read about?

I find myself procrastinating and asking myself why did I start writing in the first place ? Ask yourself this same question.

I write because it’s therapeutic

I write because its an opportunity to put my thoughts into words.




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