Welcome New Followers!

2 min readDec 23, 2021

Welcome to my Medium page!!!

I have been following you back, and I am so excited to read all of your work.

Before I do check out some of mine. I have been on here for almost a year in February.

Let me start by saying I met some amazing writers on this platform. People that I genuinely admire. I apologize that I stopped writing for a while. I have been in a funk.

Writer’s block sucks, we get ideas but when we put them into words it’s difficult to keep going.

For some reason, I stop writing. I don’t know why I stop, I end up procrastinating and making 101 excuses on why I can’t sit my butt down and write. I do the same when I make plans to work out. I have a bad habit of not sticking to my plans. I question myself like am I losing interest in this? I love writing, but I notice I have to be in the mood for it.

We are our own worst enemy and critic. I think Ashley you have to do more; Ashley why are you not writing more or where do you want to be at with your writing? What is the goal?

Self-reflection helps a ton. I know in my heart writing is something I am meant to do. I feel it and I know it, but I have this fear of failure that stops me from being consistent with my goals. It’s like I need someone to be like hey you start writing again now!

I get so insecure when people ask me Ash are you still writing? I don’t even know what to say, I say yes, but deep down I think well it’s been two weeks to a month since I published my last article.

I am obsessed with reading Alux — Medium lately. I used to watch them on YouTube a lot so when they began to follow me, I was hype.

I am interested to know my new followers! What have you been thinking since you started on Medium? How have you progressed? What do you want to learn more about?

Looking for a push to start writing more check out my favorite article below and don’t be a stranger!



Life Style & Mental Health Writer. I love to read and write. I’ll follow back!