Readers You are not Unnoticed.

2 min readMay 20

I appreciate you for taking the time to read my articles. On the days that I just want to be left alone and not do anything, it brings a smile on my face to get a notification of someone reading my articles.

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I am overjoyed with gratitude that you took the time out of your busy life to acknowledge my work. I admire it even because just like I enjoy writing I enjoy reading it just takes me a longer time to catch up to saved articles I want to read.

Let’s be realistic when it comes to reading time.

I save articles that catch my eye and the ones that talk about making money no longer interest me like before because I’m in a different mental space now then I was a few years ago.

I like reading articles about self-help, nutrition and overall growth. I also like reading documentary articles and oddly murder stories are soothing before bed.

Readers I love reciprocating the engagement that you give to me. When I go to your page and I see your writing I feel accepted and included because your a thinker just like me. You put your thoughts into words and come up with such good topics to write about.

Readers you see the world through a different lens and are unique in putting your thoughts and ideas.

When a reader reads my work, it tells me that they took their time out of a busy day to sink into the world of reading because it helps them understand what’s happening now a days.

A good tip as a writer that I can give you is that when you read daily, ideas will pop up in your mind so fast that you have to get into writing them down ASAP. At least that’s what happens to me. When I read a good article, I get ideas for new information that can be talked about.

Thank you again writers and readers for making my day better by sharing your work with us.

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