I Sang With Celine Dion at 12 Years Old…

6 min readMay 12, 2021

My favorite movie back then was Titanic. It was so romantic and I kept playing and singing the songs from the movie, to the point my grandparents bought me the sound track for me. True story on how my dream became reality in 1999.

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The song I loved the most was “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion” I knew this song word for word and would sing it daily.

One day there was an announcement at school about a school talent show, and I decided to audition. I was so nervous and I told my grandpa I was going to audition to be in a school talent show. My family already knew that I love to sing and that I sang well. I tried out for the talent show and I was not picked. I felt discouraged and disappointed.

A few weeks went by and I had a vivid dream that I sang with Celine Dion in concert on stage with bright lights flashing at us and we had on black shiny bodysuits. She was smiling down at me and we sang “My Heart Will Go On” together on stage. The next morning I ran down to my grandma and told her my dream as she was washing dishes, she just smiled at me and didn’t pay me any mind. One week later my grandpa is reading the newspaper and there is an ad that says music producer is looking for a group of kids to sing with Celine Dion. My grandpa said I should audition. I was so nervous and happy at the same time. He recorded a video of me singing and sent it to Bill Jolly a music producer the one casting the kids.

One week later my grandpa got a phone call from Bill Jolly himself saying that I have been chosen to sing with Celine Dion and a choir of kids. My grandfather was jumping for joy. Out of 400 kids who auditioned in Philadelphia only 20 kids were picked and I was one of them. I couldn’t believe it. I remember realizing that I was not picked to sing at the school talent show but yet I was chosen to sing with Celine Dion herself. It was unreal.

Bill Jolly and I back stage at the First Union Center 1999

We were only kids…age ranges 8 years old to 13 years old. Meeting the kids from the choir was awesome. We each came from different backgrounds and it was a diverse group of kids. Honestly, I felt unworthy to be around such talented kids. Their voices were…


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