I thought my Instagram was hacked into or my phone stopped working right when Instagram said poor connection and I couldn't refresh my feed.

Unsplash Photo By: Adem Ay

After two hours I decided to Google if social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook were not working? I read that it was not. It wasn’t long before my friends sent a group chat text message saying that platforms such as Facebook, What’s App, and Instagram were not working.


A question dawned on my mind years ago. I wondered what experiencing death then hell is like for an evil person?

Unsplash Photo by : Marc Schaefer

The Seven Deadly Sins came to mind.

I thought of selfish cold-hearted people who thrive from hurting others and are so self-absorbed in their pride and greed that they do not care about the feelings of others. People who are willing to say and do whatever it takes to have…

Do you ever just take a long look at your naked self in the mirror?

Unsplash Photo By: Jana Sabath

Recently, Alicia Keys posted a self-reflection exercise to try at home, and it made me think and reflect on how we all view ourselves physically. She said to take a 30 min look at your naked body and admire every single part of it. This exercise is supposed to give…


Life Style & Mental Health Writer. I love to read and write. I’ll follow back!

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